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Take on the life of our most realistic velociraptor ever in the sequel to the most popular dinosaur simulator of all time! Explore a massive prehistoric world brimming with new species at every turn. Meet other raptors and live together, raise a family, hunt for food, and become the strongest dinosaur in the world!HYPER REALISTIC SIMULATIONThe jungle has never been more alive! Explore and hunt to maintain your raptor's thirst and hunger in the most detailed world we’ve ever created!NEW ALERT SYSTEMSneak your way through the dense bushes to avoiding alerting nearby prey and giving them a head start trying to escape you! Dinosaur AI is smarter and faster than ever!NEW BATTLE SYSTEMOmnidirectional dodge system brings a new level of skill to your fights! Quickly react to your opponents attack direction to dodge and avoid damage!NEW RELATIONSHIP SYSTEMBuild deeper bonds with your raptors through the new relationship and personality system. Your pack recognizes heroic and caring acts that will alter relationships. Gain bonuses from synergetic velociraptors hunting together!EXPANDED FAMILYHave up to TEN raptors in your pack! Seek out friendly raptors and pass their challenges to recruit them to your pack! Play as your new dinosaur to help them level up and improve relations with other family members!BABY AND TEEN VELOCIRAPTORSA brand new age makes raising your hatchlings even more real! Breed baby dinos that will grow into teens and eventually full grown members of your pack! NEW CUSTOMIZATIONSIntroducing expanded customization options for fine-tuning your raptors's look! Alter physical features like height and ear size, change skin patterns, and add colored feathers to accentuate your raptor's personality!BRAND NEW BOSS BATTLESThe raptor brings a complete overhaul to the boss fights! Experience free-range cinematic boss fights against gigantic king fo the prehistoric world with entirely new mechanics!UPGRADE STATS AND SKILLSGain experience and level up your velociraptors to unlock stat bonuses and unique skills! Skills will grant specialized raptor abilities like healing, tracking, and battle strength!NEW DEN CRAFTINGCollect materials to decorate and upgrade your dens and make life for your raptors even better! Building animal traps can provide your pack with guaranteed tasty snacks in the mornings!MASSIVE OPEN WORLD JUNGLEWe have done away with procedural flora, and have instead hand placed every blade of grass and tree in the world, bringing a more detailed purposeful world for you to explore!REALISTIC WEATHER AND SEASONAL CYCLEThe world around you will change before your eyes with our brand new seasonal cycles. Blazing summer heats distort the air, soils glisten with wetness as rivers rage, and volcanos rage and erupt with ash and lava!INCREDIBLY DETAILED DINOSAURSDiscover all 25 new species in a lost prehistoric world! Improved AI and animations combined with species specific action trees will immerse you in our most detailed world to date. Track down dinosaurs like the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Allosaurus, Pterodactyl, Quetzalcoatlus, Gallimimus, Ankylosaurus, Velociraptor and many more!IMPROVED NEXT-GEN GRAPHICSIntroducing AAA PC quality graphics in a mobile simulator! With meticulously optimized models and textures, we’ve managed to reach an unrivaled level of visual quality!OPTIONAL BLOOD EFFECTSIf you are of age or have your parents permission, turn on the blood effects to add even more realism!GLUTEN-FREE PROMISEWith all of our games you will always get the full game with no ads or additional purchases!Download the Ultimate Raptor Simulator 2 and prove you can survive as a velociraptor in our all-new completely revamped simulation!If you liked living as a Velociraptor then be sure to check out our other animal simulators!Give us a shout and let us know what you want to play next!facebook.com/glutenfreegamestwitter.com/glutenfreegames
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